Monday, August 30, 2010

Grandma's house

On Friday night, Kim and I went to grandma's house because my cousins were there, and we wanted to play Hand and Foot..
So we went over at around 2:30, and stayed till around 11:00. It was sooo much fun. Daniel and Klarisa came over later, so we played Spoons and Pit. My throat was a little bit hoarse after playing Pit. But all worth it!!
Here are some of the pics!

Shuffling 5 decks of cards.... Charlie Brown style!!

My Aunt Felicia :) While we were playing Hand and Foot, she was sitting over there playing Solitare.. ;P

Taking a break before we started another game.

How many McEntires does it take to get pictures off of a cell phone to a computer? Apparently we needed more than four, because I don't think they figured it out, or they did, and they just didn't want to talk about it.. hehe ;)

Kim telling Kenzie that she's the one who made them win in Hand and Foot. I think they actually finally decided that whoever played with me in Hand and Foot lost, and whoever played with Kim, won. I think I need to practice.

Playing Spoons. VERYVERYVERY tense... and scary. You never know when you might go for the same spoon as Daniel. So I mostly went for the one I knew Jessica was going to go for. But since I lost, apparently "that" didn't work either.

So here's the winner. But we all think he cheated, so I think I should've won. :)

I love going to Grandma's house!! I ALWAYS have fun.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beach pics!! =)

We went to the beach today!! It was PERFECT out. The sun was shining, it wasn't tooooo windy, and it wasn't that hot..
And of course, I took pictures, so here they are!! ;)

It was Jehu's first time at the beach. He liked all of it except the water. hehe

Kim and Klarisa are the two black dots in the picture. ;P
I decided not to get in, cause I didn't feel like being salty and crusty.

If my hair would've blown on the other side, I would've looked like a lion. Gr.

Why can't our beach sparkley clear blue??? Ohhhhh no, it just HAS to be brown and white. :|

If you don't like ratty hair, then I would suggest "NOT" going to the beach.

Cupcake and Carebear. ;)

Why even go to the beach if you don't have a drink from Buc-ees???

Am I the only one who feels bad after all the bread is all gone, and there is nothing else to give to the seagulls?

And why go to the beach if you don't have hot cheetos??? (i got Klarisa addicted to hot cheetos. :)

Sitting at Sonic after the beach.. YUM.

Ok. I'm ready to go to the beach again!!!!!
Everyone have a GOOOOOOD weekend!!!!  

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


These are some pictures that I took when we were playing Hand and Foot with Morgan and Kenzie... a VERY long (but VERy fun) card game. :)

Silly cousins.

She LOVES her hot cheetos!!!

Then at about 1:30 A.M., we start to get a little bit silly with the cheetos.... hehe :)

Then Ice Pop time!!

Can't wait to play Hand and Foot with them again!!!! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Trip Pics!!!... Finally ;P

So here's the pictures from our trip.......:):)

If I remember right, we were on this road for a LONG time. But it was sooo pretty!!!:)

A very pretty (and VERY cold) brook by the side of the road. Why don't we have cold little brooks on the side of OUR roads??

The LOVELY hotel we stayed in at Crystal City VA.. We were on the 12th floor.. I loved it. :)

The Capitol was soooo amazing!! I reallllllllly enjoyed taking the tour and just being in there.

It looks like he goes there everyday, doesn't it?? 

The inside of the Dome! It was HUGE.

This was a hall in the Library of Congress.

Supreme Court Building.. I didn't even get to see Judge Sonia Sotomayor!!.. I mean, not that I WANTED too....hehe

I dont know why, but I really like this picture.. I took it while we were getting in line so we could go into the Supreme Court.

Arlington Cemetary... And Robert E. Lee's house in the background.

The Lincoln Memorial from a LONG way off. It might not look like it, but believe me, it was.

The guard that was at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.

We were able to make it in time to see them changing the gaurds. They change them every 30 minutes in the Summer, and every hour in the Winter.

The Washington Monument was soo tall!! I think it was one of my favorite monument/memorials.

A very cold looking water-fall, just before we got to the Lincon Mermorial. It was very tempting.

The Viet Nam Memorial...

I got a picture of the Lincoln Memorial with an airplane!! How lucky is that!?!?!

Abraham Lincoln himself. It's ALOT bigger in real life. It was soo awesome to be there.

My "cd cover" pose with F.D.R.

This was at the F.D.R Memorial...

A Canadian Goose sticking his foot up at me. This picture always makes me smile when I look at it!! :)

Thomas Jefferson. He was very tall.

I tried to make this picture look old..

As you can see, I was very red. And that red hurt. BAD.

This was the last sky that we saw in DC. I think it was a good bye sky to us.

Fort McHenry...

Independence Hall in Philidelphia.

The Declaration Of Independence was written in that room. George Washington sat in the chair in the very back. Sooooo amazing.

 Liberty Bell. That was one big bell.

Who is up for some Chess???!?!?!

A very small part of NYC. I thought Houston was big. Huh, whatever!!

How COOOOOOL is that !?!?!? That was one of the coolest places I was on the trip.

Me, after we came up from the subway. It was sooo hot down in the subways. HOT HOT HOT.

Time Square. Thats where everything happens. hehe, ;P

The Lion King was playing on Broadway!! I LOVE LION KING!!!!

Central Park. I soo want to go there in the Fall or Winter.

The Rockefeller Center.. The building we went up in.. Or at least, me, dad, and Kim and Brother Shorter.. Someone's afraid of heights.

The view from the Top Of the Rock.

Brooklyn Bridge. It was veeery creaky and scary. I don't like being on creaky bridges. It might just creak apart.

NY at night.

Penguins at the National Aviary in Pittsburg PA.

A baseball game in Pittsburg. The Houston Astros were playing on the day that we were there!! They must have planned it for us. They're so sweet.

A chicken named Sally, at Andrew Jackson's home, was very interested in my purse... and my flip flops.

Then we went to Sara's house.. FUN FUN FUN!!!

He reminds me of a turtle.. a very CUTE turtle..

He's so fun to take pics with!! The facial expressions he makes... hehe

Evelyn is sooo sweet, and she LOVES taking pictures!!

Thomas can make such cuuuuute faces!!

 this is all the stuff that I got.. I got more, but I had put some of it up already...

There yah have it!!
I would soooo do it alll over again. I had soo much fun.