Friday, April 30, 2010


Here a few pictures of the beach from yesterday... Mixed in with the ones from last time:)

Klarisa and I before we got in the water:):)

KIM and I before we got in the water ;)

Momma with chap-stick-sunscreen on!!!

Me with the sun for a background... Talk about BRIIIIGHT!!!:):)

The reasult of cliping bangs back, playing in water, and uncliping them. AHHH!!!!

Now ain't that crazy??? :)

So we're pretty sure that this is an Alligator Gar.. I hope this is a deep-sea creature, and not one that is in shallow water... Like what I play in.... Uhg, that gives me the creeps!!!

Pelicans are some pretty awesome birds... They are definitely one of my favorites :)

A very pretty Jellyfish... It was prettier in real life.....:)

Klarisa and I... You can't really see my BAD sunburn, but believe me, it is there!!!!:(

......Yah, so we had fun!!:) But I did really get a bad sunburn... AND I DID PUT SUNSCREEN ON, but I think it washed off.... I'll have to be more careful next time:)
EVERONE HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two birds and two cats :(

Well, we re-named a garden today under VERY sad circumstances.:(

Klarisa was over for a bit this morning.. When she came in she said that she almost stepped on a dead yellow bird that was in our drive-way. :(:( So I looked it up in our bird book and found out that it was a Northern Parula...  I buried it in the garden under some rocks, and we named the garden Parula. 

So this is the Northern Parula.. Isn't is pretty?? Our cats always have to kill the pretty birds.

This afternoon my cat Jolly got out.. She has been gettin out allll day long. Very annoying. So one of the times she got out, she came back into the frontroom with a dead Indigo Bunting. :(:( I was in the sewing room, and dad said, "Jolly brought a bird in the house!" I thought that he was joking, but he definately wasn't. Jolly was laying on the floor batting around the dead bird. Oh MY I got sooo mad at her!! For one, for killing a bird, and for two, she wasn't even supposed to be OUT in the first place!!

So I put her in the kennel and buried the bird in the same garden I buried the other bird in. So now the garden's name is the Blue Parula Garden.:(:(

I guess we're going to have to fix the screen door.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Camping Pics!!!!

Weeeeellll, here they are!!!

When we left on Thursday morning, the sunrise was BEEEEAUTIFUL!!!.... so were the roses.. They were all blooming so pretty..:)

Here's a pic of one of the white ones... Our white ones are only pretty once a year.

My lurvly sister and I on our way...:)

This was the entrance to the park... It was really nice.. They had a little pretty water fountain... but you can't really see it in the picture.

Yours truly :)

We got doughnuts for brekkers on Thursday morning...:):) YUMM-O!!!!!

Our food table!!
It was kinda annoying because you couldn't take out the actual picnic table that was already in the shelter OUT of the shelter... So it was pretty cramped in the cabin.... Grr... But allll worth it!!:)

Bunny's first time camping... I think she enjoyed it...But for pretty much all of Thursday, she barked non-stop at anything that moved.. But she eventually got used to the noise of campers:)

Can anyone guess what the little indentions on the ground are from????

A cool little trail leading off into the woods... :).. and since there weren't THAT many trails, I  know all them fairly well!!! YAY!!!

I didn't know that there were creepy glowing-eyed animals in the woods!!!:) Actually, its only a deer, (duh) that did NOT want her picture taken..

Little Homerito... He's so sweet :)....

....and his little sister Aranza.. TOOO cute!

Mrs. Grisel and Tatiana...

Playing a "very" serious game of chess... Talk about concentrating!!!

AWWW!!!:):) SOOO sweet:)

Eating a lunchable.. She ate the candy-bar first....
She's my kind of girl!!!

It was a pretty awesome park. It was REALLY green there too!!:) The weather stayed pretty nice.. It rained a bit on Thursday night but not enough to make the ground squishy and nasty... Then on Friday night, it rained a bit and an unexpected cool front came through!!! So that was pretty nice!! It was a bit chilly on Saturday morning actually:)

They only had 4 swings at a puny little park..

Hope everyone has a good week!!!!:)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well, w're off to the Church Camping Trip early tomorrow morning!!! I'm sooo excited!!!.. and on top of it, we're going to be going to a new park!!!! YAY!!!!!!! Hope the weather stays good.
Have a good weekend!!!!!!!:)

Monday, April 19, 2010


Alisa Grace:)


Singing her heart out!!!

The first time Alisa had ever seen Hannah... She kept on saying, "baby", and pointing at Hannah... Too cute:)

Momma and little Hannah.

Daddy holding Hannah!



Soooo precious!!!

Do you see what I see??????

So there you have it!!!:)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


This is my first award from Ratz, from  !!!! THANKS RATZ!!!!:):)

Ok, and so since this is my first award, I don't know if I'll end up doing everything right, so I'll try the best that I can:)...
...So one of the rules was to list ten things that make me happy.... So I here I go!!!:)

My nieces and nephew ALWAYS make me happy:).......

My sister Kimberly... She can pretty much always make me smile, which makes me happy!:)

Ahhhhh... noodles and cheese... They soooo make me happy!!!!

Smiling cats.... I know they don't "really" smile, but sometimes, it REALLY does look like, and that makes me happy!!!!

Don't think I need to tell ya'll why this makes me happy!!!

Horses.... I mean, how can they NOT????

My dear mother.... There just ain't nothing to explain.

The wonderful (but yet scary) ocean... :)

Pretty little flowers:)

My awesome brother Daniel and my awesome sis-in-law, Klarisa!!! Now they sure can make you smile!!!:):):)

Well, there's the ten things that make me happy.
Thanks again Ratz for the award:):)